Anthony Ricciardi

Enthusiasm & Depth

        Anthony Ricciardi is a renowned multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto, Canada who has travelled internationally showcasing his artwork and murals. Driven by enthusiasm, depth, and story telling to produce art without limits, Ricciardi introduces viewers to distinctive, vivid and colourful one-of-a-kind masterpieces orchestrated in uncommon forms.

      After leaving the comfort of clout of the corporate finance world to pursue his true passion and lifelong dream, the self-taught creator induces a fair for inventive colour-mixing and layered creating to elicit reaction and emotion.

"Incredible things happen when you Follow Your Heart"

- Anthony Ricciardi

The Journey So Far!

Anthony graduated with a degree in Finance from Alabama State University (NCAA Division 1-Baseball Scholarship), and utilizes life experiences and pop culture to inspire his art work.

Ricciardi's large-scale private commission murals and exclusive artworks have been shown worldwide in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Miami, London, Manchester and Montreal.

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