Anthony Ricciardi

The reasons to have Anthony Ricciardi on your podcast are endless. A former corporate finance professional turned global art phenomenon, Anthony's journey is as captivating as his art. Despite being colourblind, he creates vibrant, emotionally resonant masterpieces that defy conventional views on colour perception, bringing a fresh perspective to every canvas and mural he touches.

His audacious shift from the corporate world to pursue his lifelong passion for art has led to extraordinary creations displayed from Toronto to Dubai, and from Miami to Sydney. His unique approach to colour and form, paired with his inspiring personal story, makes Anthony a compelling guest who can speak to the power of vision, perseverance, and the beauty of chasing one's dreams.

Bring Anthony Ricciardi to your show and let your audience discover a world where colour knows no bounds and every piece of art tells a profound story. Engage with an artist who not only paints outside the lines but redraws them for the whole world to see!

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